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by Greg Wayman, ASHI Certified Inspector

With the recent news of the US military closing one of the 10 command centers and dispersing some of the personell to Offut AFB, that can be good news for the Bellevue area real estate market. The question is, when?

Bellevue, NE hugs the south side of Omaha and is home to Offutt Air Force Base and Bellevue University. The original part of the town, lying closer to the Missouri River, has a ton of cool old houses. Some are complex with very unique woodwork, while others are simple box-style homes with no basements. The farther you go west, the newer the homes are with new developments of tract housing going up seemingly overnight and higher-end custom built homes spralled out over lush green golf courses. A high percentage of the families moving in and out of the city are military. Cost of housing around the base is normally higher than homes in comperable areas of Omaha due to the constant change of ownership and real estate commissions involved each time. It's not uncommon to sit down at Fazzoli's and be the only person eating not in fatigues.

Military families are my best clients. They've gained so much experience moving around that they know exactly what the purpose of a home inspection is and what's expected. I know I've done a good job when they tell me that was the best inspection they've ever had!

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