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Home Inspections in Council Bluffs, Iowa

by Greg Wayman, ASHI Certified Inspector

Conducting home inspections in and around Council Bluffs, IA is always a fun experience. First-time home buyers and investors love the small homes throughout the 51501 area. Most of those homes were built in the late 1800's up to the 1950's. They can be a true challenge as you never know what you're going to find. I remember one house had 3 of it's 4 walls bowing in more than 9" each! The sad truth is the Structural Engineer that was called out after my inspection said it was structurally sound! I had another house where the Seller was told their furnace had a cracked heat exchanger 3 years prior by a licensed HVAC Company, yet continued to place their family at risk of carbon monixide. When I inspected the property, they were still residing there with their 2 daughters. The furnace had 5 cracks in it and was producing deadly levels of CO gas into the suppy air of the home. They had been told by another HVAC Contractor that the furnace was fine! The lake properties and new developments around Lake Manawa can have just as many interesting findings. I client hired me before his 1 year builder's warranty ran out because he could canoe in his backyard. The entire neighborhood's grading drained from the backyards straight to the street. The grading around the homes weren't built up either;-) The 51503 areas are also a great challenge because of the Loess Hill terrean. New houses to the old, there are some impressive retaining walls on some of these properties.

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