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Top 5 reasons that set us above the competition:

1. What our clients have to say speaks VOLUMES!!! There are over 130 real client reviews posted under our "Client Testimonials" page that we've found on Google, Yahoo, Angie's List, Yelp, Zillow, etc. Please check them out on the left navigation bar or go to those sites & see them yourself.

2. We are ASHI Certified & abide by ASHI's Code of Ethics 1C

It states: "Inspectors shall not directly or indirectly compensate realty agents, or other parties having a financial interest in closing or settlement of real estate transactions, for the referral of inspections or for inclusion on a list of recommended inspectors, preferred providers, or similar arrangements."

You can go to the larger local real estate company websites and the inspectors listed on their sites have paid to be there. There is no way these inspectors can pay-to-play yet still be objective and work 100% for your best interest!

3. We provide our inspections either with Traditional Reports or on Video! You choose. Our video approach enables us to document the true condition of the property in a much more thorough detail than we ever could with computer generated reports and photographs. We are the only inspection company in the US documenting our inspections this way! We document the true condition of the property both visually and audibly. To see & hear the benefits, watch some video clips taken from our inspections:

Report Samples

4. Heat Exchanger Experts Certified. Greg Wayman is the ONLY inspector in the Omaha Metro that is Heat Exchanger Experts Certified and actively applies those techniques to find cracks in furnace heat exchangers. In 2012, 22.7% of the furnaces we inspected either had a cracked heat exchanger or a breach between the heat exchanger and faceplate. We feel it's critical for our clients to know if there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. (Note: These techniques go way beyond just using a CO detector which is what the rest of our competition does or at least should do.) At this point, we've lost count exactly how many cracked heat exchangers we've found, but Greg has personally found over 600 of them. That's a lot of families that he's prevented from being subjected to potential carbon monoxide poisoning!

5. Our 2012 Statistics prove what we do best

22.7% had either a cracked heat exchanger or a breach in the furnace

6.3% had active carbon monoxide backdrafting/leaking into the home

11.9% had MAJOR foundation issues

42.4% had at least 1 structural problem (other than foundation)...most being multiple structural problems

30.5% needed their roof replaced

55.4% had significant flatwork concrete issues

44.2% needed major siding/windows/doors repair/replacement

32% had serious electrical issues

24.2% had major plumbing issues

49.1% had inadequate attic ventilation

26% had a breached chimney

14.5% had heavy mold & needed remediation

21.2% had inoperable or poorly running A/C's or heat pumps

29% had serious deck issues

10% needed whole house painted


Our photo galleries speak for themselves

You can see the higher level of experience and knowledge that we bring to our inspections no matter if it's new construction, acreage properties, old run-down homes, investment properties, lakefront homes, tract built, or large custom built dream homes.



To hire a true professional that's going to look out for your best interest, call us today: 402-330-1701. You'll know what you're buying when we're done.


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Omaha Home Inspectors Greg Wayman & Chad Beisheim

Greg Wayman & Chad Beisheim


ASHI Certified

Heat Exchanger Experts Certified





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