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About Foundation-2-Rooftop, Inc.

F2R, Inc. is a professional home inspection company located in Omaha, Nebraska. We consist of 2 full-time ASHI Certified Inspectors. We specialize in residential home inspections, light commercial building inspections, pre-listing inspections, radon testing, & furnace heat exchanger inspections throughout Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. We provide high quality, thorough, professional inspections. Approximately 98% of our referrals come from satisfied past clients that are referring their relatives, friends, or neighbors or from the internet. The other 2% come from a small number of ethical real estate agents and loan officers that we've been working with for a long time and have appreciated a thorough home inspection through the years.

About Greg Wayman, President & ASHI Certified Inspector

Greg Wayman is the President and ASHI Certified Inspector of Foundation-2-Rooftop, Inc. As a full-time inspector for almost 15 years, he has conducted over 3,500 full home inspections. Greg is Heat Exchanger Experts Certified and has his NE Radon Measurement License. He was a founding member and President of The Nebraska Chapter of NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors), served nationally on NAHI's Board of Directors including being Secretary/Treasurer. Greg was the first home inspector in Nebraska and Western Iowa to include heat exchanger inspections in his regular home inspections. Throughout the years, approximately 1 out of every 4 furnaces he inspected he found to have a crack in the heat exchanger! This invaluable asset has enabled many of his clients to successfully negotiate for a new furnace or $2,000-$4,000 off the purchase price of their home...not to mention prevented a lot of families from being subjected to carbon monoxide!

In 2008, Greg was also the first inspector nationwide to provide his inspections on video. He found a way to thoroughly and accurately document the true condition of the home visually and audibly. Through video documenation, he was able to clearly show his clients the issues and put them into perspective. After performing video reports for over 8 years, he switched back to traditional style inspection reports because it was affecting his throat. Now the inspection reports range from 30 to over 50 pages long depending on how large or rough the house is.

About Chad Beisheim, ASHI Certified Inspector

Chad joined Foundation-2-Rooftop, Inc. in June of '12 after he completed an ASHI approved home inspector training school. Chad then went through Foundation-2-Rooftop, Inc.'s rigorous Home Inspector Apprenticeship Program being personally trained by our ASHI Certified Inspector Greg Wayman. After thorough hands-on training of 75 inspections, we are proud to say Chad Beisheim has earned the right to say he's an Inspector for Foundation-2-Rooftop, Inc.! Chad is also ASHI Certified with over 700 inspections under his belt. He is Greg's right hand man!

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In comparison to other inspectors, please take note the amount of continued education and professional organizations Greg is involved in. You'll notice we did not list being a member of any real estate associations that other inspectors are quick to mention to beef up their resume. Being associated with real estate associations for many of our competitors is for marketing purposes. We are a member of our local Board of Realtors out of necessity to lease the E-key so we can access homes. We also are not quick to mention being a member of the Better Business Bureau as this is a marketing service companies pay into.

Our Detailed Inspection Reports:

Each inspection report is unique & customized to that specific property. We document the true condition of the home and provide a professional 30-50+ page report complete with supporting photos. We don't use purposefully vague descriptions like many of our competitors. When we're done, you'll know exactly what you're buying or selling.

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Greg Wayman and Chad Beisheim, ASHI Certified Inspectors
Chad Beisheim & Greg Wayman
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