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Home Inspections in Omaha, NE

by Greg Wayman, ASHI Certifed Inspector

Performing home inspections in and around Omaha, NE is truly a unique experience. There is such a diverse display of homes from the economically deprived areas to the lavish million dollar estates, that each day is an adventure. I can be inspecting a newer 5,000+ s.f., custom built lakefront home complete with a media room, hot tub, swimming pool, and sauna in the morning and turn around in the afternoon to find myself being immersed in a quaint 800 s.f. Bungalow built in the late 1800’s. Each property being bought and sold has its own history. Some Sellers are getting up there in age where it’s time to sell their dream home to move into assisted living. Others are upgrading because their new addition to the family is squeezing them out of their old house. Then there are the foreclosed properties and short-sale properties that can be entertaining in their own right. On foreclosures, the utilities are usually off and can seem like an act of God to get them turned back on for the inspection. These homes are most often times in distress and have been neglected by the homeowner due to economic hardships they are facing. Thrown into the mix are plenty of fix-n-flip properties that are usually sold to first-time homebuyers. Many repairs or remodels are done right when licensed professionals are called in, but when I find a flipped house that Uncle Bob (jack of all trades, master of none) worked, that’s where I earn my money!

The Omaha Metro is home to over 807,000 residents with five Fortune 500 companies. We have such a diverse workforce that I’ve had the pleasure of inspecting numerous homes for employees of Cargill, Union Pacific, Con-Agra, Pay-Pal, UNMC, and Mutual of Omaha to name a few. I’ve worked with plenty of satisfied military families moving in and out of Offutt. Tip: If there is ever a more qualified group of people to critique a home inspector, the military families are it! They go through the moving process so many times in their careers that they have higher expectations of everybody in the real estate process. They appreciate a thorough inspection!

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