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2018-02-22 Foundation Issues (Omaha Home Inspection)

A severely failing concrete block foundation on a detached garage

When I showed my clients the foundation wall, they described it best: “It’s a banana.” This 2-car detached garage was built into the bank. The backyard of this home was pushing the West wall in 7″ and racking the entire garage towards the North 9″!!! The walls were at a realistic chance of collapsing in on any vehicle parked in the garage. When they had viewed the property prior to writing an offer, the ground was all ice so they weren’t able to walk around and notice the structural issue. Having a 2-car garage on this property was the reason it was listed higher. Had this been brought to their attention up front, they probably wouldn’t have written an offer. This home inspection saved them from about a $30,000-$40,000 mistake!