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2020-06-13 Attic Ventilation Issues (Omaha Home Inspection)

Attic Ventilation Mistake by Builder

How to turn a New Construction Home into a Mold House: This Builder cut in tiny 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ holes in the soffits then installed the 14″ x 6″ soffit vents. From the ground, nobody was the wiser as it looked normal. In the attic, however, there literally was water dripping off of the nails on the entire back half of the roof deck from excess moisture buildup and the house hadn’t even been lived in yet! The Builder had to go back and re-cut all of the soffit vent openings so this attic could breathe right. What’s sad is that I’ve ran across this multiple times this year on new homes in Omaha. Don’t skip a Home Inspection on New Construction! I’m finding more wrong on some new homes than I am on houses built 100+ years ago. The knowledgeable old-time builders are retiring and the new wave of inexperienced and untrained “builders” are taking over. They are good at marketing with little substance on building a quality product. When a sub-contractor screws up, these new builders aren’t knowledgeable enough to spot it and make them correct mistakes. Buyer beware!!!