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We have been performing home inspections in the area for almost 20 years and lived in Blair, NE for 15 of them.

Blair Hail Storm Positively Impacted the Housing Stock

In June of 2014, a major hail storm hit Blair, NE. There was softball and baseball-sized hail that literally sheered off tree branches on the N and W face of a majority of trees in town leaving the streets plastered with debris. Most of the homes had their windows shattered out that faced N & W. Roofs, gutters, and siding were obliterated. Air conditioners that sat on those 2 sides took heavy damage with some needing to be replaced. After the hail came heavy downpours that saturated carpets & drywall. Nobody could board up their broken-out windows fast enough.

This storm raised the stress level of many in the town. Dealing with Roofing Contractors that swarmed the area for months & months to follow. It wasn’t until afterwards that some homeowners found out the hard way that their Contractor had cut corners or did the work incorrectly. Some homeowners still don’t know if the work was done right.

One positive aspect from this storm is that a majority of the housing stock ended up with new roofs, gutters, siding, windows, and some with new AC units. The older parts of town have houses from the 1900’s, but they look fantastic with their outside shell being newer now. The storm did improve the overall condition of the homes once the work was completed.


What is the True Condition of the Homes in Blair?

Now the questions have become, did the Contractor do the work right and what are the conditions of the inside of the home where the hail claims didn’t replace everything? How is that 100+ year old foundation and knob-n-tube wiring? How many fire hazards are there in the electrical system? Are there cracks in the furnace’s heat exchanger? Why does the floor sag so much? Is a major structural repair needed or is it a $30 steel column that needs installing? How many sections of the main cast waste line need replacing? Is this water damage serious? When we are finished with the Home Inspection, you’ll know the true condition of the property.

What Does Our Home Inspection Include?

How Much is Our Home Inspection?

We charge by the overall square feet and year built. If you contact us with that, then we can tell you the exact amount. Just beware that all Home Inspectors are not the same. There are no licensing requirements for Home Inspectors in NE or IA. Each of our experience levels, our ethics, and our reports are different. As long as you do your research, then hopefully you’ll find the best Inspector to protect you.

What Experience Do We Bring to the Table?

Greg Wayman is ASHI Certified, has his NE Radon Measurement license, and is Heat Exchanger Experts Certified. He has been inspecting full-time as an independent Inspector for over 19 years. He has inspected over 4,000 Residential & Commercial Properties sometimes taking on complex inspections that others can’t handle. In his previous career, he was a Fraud Investigator specializing in Workers’ Compensation.

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