2018-02-05 Attic Ventilation Issues (Omaha Home Inspection)
Attic Ventilation Issues

Frost buildup on the roof deck from poor attic ventilation

It’s not a roof leak. It’s your attic ventilation. I’ve had 2 past clients call up recently wanting me to come out and inspect their roof because their ceilings have active water dripping down. This winter, we haven’t had enough snow build up, melt fast, cause ice damming, and leak

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2017-12-27 Foundation Issues (Omaha Home Inspection)
Foundation/Structural Inspection

A fun house with sloping floors

7 of the last 9 houses we’ve inspected have had significantly sloping floors. Tis the season for leftovers on the market! There’s a reason these homes are still sitting and not selling. Is it really a good deal if the house is $15,000 below market, but has $20,000 – $30,000

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Omaha Home Inspection Newsletters – February 2010 – Home Inspection Omaha and Omaha Home Inspection news for today’s Omaha real estate market

The most important aspect of a home inspection is bringing to light major issues and safety hazards. When I find a cracked heat exchanger on a furnace, I’m surfacing a high-dollar problem and a major safety concern of carbon monoxide poisoning. Finding a crack makes most Listing Agents and Sellers cringe, however, my clients are truly grateful. Having the professional HVAC training, the high-tech equipment, and the years of experience allows me to find a high percentage of the heat exchangers that are cracked. In the 8 years of doing invasive testing on furnaces, I’ve found over 500 furnaces with cracked heat exchangers. For the price of an inspection, my clients are landing an awesome return on their investment. Below are red flags to look for on your furnace, pointers on preventing a crack heat exchanger, and tips on how to know if your HVAC Tech is checking for cracks properly:

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