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Bloopers from 2014

People can do some of the dumbest things. Enjoy!

Bloopers from 2014 – Gallery 8 – Here are some head scratchers for ya;-)

Photo #1: Someone screwed sheet metal on 2 of the 3 sides of the turtle vents on this roof. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?!

Inadequate attic ventilation. This homeowner screwed sheet metal to 2 sides of the turtle vent making it almost useless.

Photo #2: Chimney Garden…it’s all the rage.

Beautiful heavy stone was added to this existing chimney. The extra weight caused the fireplace to pull away from the exterior wall. They had no clue how to install a proper chimney crown...thus the grass growing on top.

Photo #3: Sewer cleanout cap…What? It’s still accessible.

Homeowner cut out a tiny hole for the main sewer stack's cleanout cap. They almost got the concept;-)

Photo #4: This “Electrician” was paid by the hour. Who has time to neatly wrap the branch wiring ground wires in pigtails so tightly?

Imagine the extra time it took to wrap the ground wires around the neutral wires instead of doing it right by placing 1 wire per screw on the bars.

Photo #5: Paper backing of rolled Fiberglass insulation laid directly over an uninsulated canned light that states in bold RED: “WARNING-RISK OF FIRE”

Burn baby burn. Can't anyone read the directions & apply common sense? This uninsulated canned light could have burnt the home down.

Photo #6: Superbly installed dryer vent (See Photo 9)

Wonder why the floor is bouncy over the laundry? Improper installation of the a dryer vent.

Photo #7: Ruined all of those ceiling joists…but the dryer vent looks good;-)

You can't cut through structure to install a dryer vent.

Photo #8: Electric furnace installed by someone smart enough to be dangerous! To get to the emergency disconnect breaker, you had to remove a bunch of screws of the cover…when there was actually a slot in the cover where the breaker was supposed to be mounted!

Emergency disconnect breaker for the electric furnace was found hidden behind the covered that was screwed in place. What happens if there's an emergency & you need to shut this off fast?

Photo #9: Seriously?! A plastic bag with a rubber band to cap the gas line!

Gas line left uncapped when the dryer was removed.

Photo #10: I’m still perplexed on this one. Who thought that was ok? How are you EVER going to be able to light the pilot light again???

Imagine the critical thinking that went into this. It's still way over my head;-)

Photo #11: Why is this room so hot in the summer & cold in the winter?

Conditioned air from the furnace or air conditioner enters and goes right back out.

Photo #12: Flood Control at its finest! Somebody sealed plastic to the foundation in this crawlspace to funnel water towards a sump pump placed in a bucket. The entire back yard & neighbor’s back yard sloped towards the home. See Photos 13 & 14 too.

This crawlspace was a big muddy slip-n-slide. It was a true challenge to stand up long enough to take these pictures.

Photo #13: The most genius part of this plan was that the bucket wasn’t at the lowest spot. The furnace & water heater were!

Sump pumps work best when they're installed at the lowest point.

Photo #14: Notice the water mark about 12″ up on the side of the furnace. Oddly enough, the furnace still worked.

Water heater & furnace were about 12

Photo #15: Turbine Vents vs Radon Gas…sworn enemies. I’ll guarantee the Roofing Contractor sweet-talked his way into upselling the turbine vents when the new roof went on. The problem is…we live in Nebraska…where it’s windy most of the time! These vents create a huge amount of stack effect or up-draft on a home. If there’s radon gas coming in, it’s sucked in Big Time when these vents are installed. I’m pretty sure the radon mitigation system installed here is no longer guaranteed to keep the radon levels low.

Turbine vents vs radon mitigation system. The wind wins!

Photo #16: A little dishonesty goes a long ways;-) Duct tape used to cover over termite damage in a wood post that supported up part of the home. This home was flipped by a “professional” flipper/real estate agent. See Photo 17.

Duct tape fixes everything yet again. As long as you don't see it, the problem doesn't exist right?

Photo #17: Voila!

Hmmmm. I wonder who's fingerprints you'd find on this duct tape?

Photo #18: Fellow “professional” home inspector fed the Sellers a line of B.S. when they bought the house 2 years prior. He told them this wasn’t a wood foundation, but couldn’t understand why they didn’t take the forms off. It’s a wood foundation genius!!!

Yes, this is what a wood foundation looks like. They aren't too popular, but they do exist and are still being installed today.

Photo #19: What proof do you have that the washer leaks? ?

Yep, the washer has been leaking for years.

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