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Chimney Inspection: Unlined brick chimney caught house on fire in past

Chimney Inspection: Brick chimney was close to collapsing down through the house!

Brick chimney was missing a chimney cap & 1 brick as viewed from the outside

Chimney Inspection: This 1890’s farm house had an abandoned brick chimney in the center of the house. From the outside, it was obviously missing a chimney cap and had a brick missing. The real surprise was when I got to the attic. Someone had knocked out a large portion of the brick leaving 5′-6′ of the chimney teetering. Why they would leave this heavy mass of weight barely balancing in the attic is beyond words! If that ever let go, the chimney would literally crash through the attic, through the 2nd floor, through the 1st floor, and stop in the crawlspace. This is a real case-in-point that you never know what a Home Inspection will reveal!

The original rafters and wood board roof deck were charred around the chimney.