21+ Years Of Inspection Services

Commercial Property Inspections in Omaha, Nebraska

If you are in need of a Commercial Property Inspection, then let us help you. Greg Wayman is the #1 Home Inspector in Omaha based on knowledge, experience, and ethics. He has helped thousands of clients make educated decisions about their properties.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of inspecting apartment complexes (from duplexes up to a 23-plex), numerous office buildings, many warehouses with the largest being 50,000 s.f., lots of mixed-use commercial buildings, a tractor trailer depot complete with a massive shop & office building, some 1900’s store fronts, an actual real castle in Carroll, IA, and the biggest one this year…The UNO Thompson Alumni Center.

What we enjoy most about performing a Commercial Inspection is the thrill of exploring a large property and being able to provide invaluable insight on the property for our client to make an educated decision. Each commercial property inspection is unique. Having the knowledge-depth with years of experience to methodically go through all of the systems & components is the true value of what we bring to each inspection. We love being able to bring issues to light that our client wasn’t aware of and educate them. While sometimes we point out expensive issues, it’s also nice when we can ensure them that the condition of the property is exactly what they were banking on.

Each commercial inspection report is customized to that specific property. The report will include a summary to enable the client to make a quick assessment, followed by a very detailed breakdown of the condition of all of the components and systems. Each area describes the type & condition along with recommendations. The reports are loaded with inspection photos to help clarify the issues and depending on the property can be 50-100 pages long. The report is provided typically within 24 hours of completing the on-site inspection.

Upon completion of the on-site inspection, we always offer to do a walk-thru with the client. This typically takes 30 minutes and gives the client the fastest feedback on the inspection before the report can be put together. If the client isn’t available in-person, then a phone call follow-up works too.