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2020-12-17 Commercial Property Inspections (Omaha Home Inspection)

Contractor caught cutting corners replacing asbestos siding with thin particle board used on bookshelves for backing & painting over it

Commercial property inspections can be entertaining! I caught this Contractor “repairing” damaged asbestos siding on a multi-plex by replacing the broken tiles with thin fiber board you would install on the back of book shelves. This flimsy material was about as strong as a cereal box and would absorb water just as well. This “professional” was painting over them before anyone would notice. I just happened to show up unannounced and gave the clueless management company rep an education.

The same property manager that was being paid to monitor the property wasn’t aware of 2 Pitbulls locked in a bedroom upstairs with pee pads all over the floor. The main floor apt was newly renovated with a brand new ceiling under these dogs. Shady Contractor + Worthless Property Manager = Major $$$ Wasted on Your Investment!