21+ Years Of Inspection Services

Dave B. from Omaha, NE

“I can’t over-state how emphatically I recommend F2R and Greg’s services for your home inspection. This was my third home purchase in as many states, this home inspection was far and away the best I have seen; it surpassed others by a mile. Greg is a truly independent operator in a field that I’ve come to understand (through multiple sources) is filled with shady actors that don’t look out for the consumer. For example, while inspection companies can’t be owned by realtors they can pay a “co-advertising fee” to the realtor in a very shady roundabout way of bribing for referrals. I can assure you you’ll be happy with your F2R inspection. He’s thorough to the point where some realtors don’t like working with him: I saw evidence of this phenomenon, take note of this as it’s a good thing. He’s not afraid to tell the buyer the whole truth and point out all flaws, which sometimes makes a deal fall through and a realtor lose hefty commission. At the end of the day you’ll be armed with all the information you possibly need, armed to negotiate repairs, and the purchase decision will be yours. Again, don’t ever let your realtor recommend a title company or a home inspector: assume they are looking out for #1, protecting the sale and not necessarily your best interests. Greg has zero concern for the realtor, and every concern for the purchaser. Again, he’s worth every penny, don’t think twice.”

– Dave B. from Omaha, NE