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Diamond Pier

Diamond Piers In Place of Footings on Decks

The Benefits of Diamond Piers

Ever seen Diamond Piers supporting a deck? I’ve been seeing this newer method to install a footing for a deck on my home inspections lately and thought I’d share. Instead of having to dig, pour a concrete footing that extends below the frost line, wait for it to cure, then return to continue building the deck, this method speeds up the process, has been tested over 10 years around the world, and has proven that it works. It’s called a Diamond Pier. It consists of a concrete shaped block with 4 rods that are driven down into the ground at different angles. The rods are approximately 3′ in length. You can go to their website at www.diamondpiers.com and see the specific loads they are designed to carry and how they prevent uplift. They do have a letter from a NE licensed Structural Engineer approving this method. They do ask that you speak with your Code Department and get their approval before starting your deck build.