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Gallery – Do-It-Yourself Repairs…Done Wrong in Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa

Pictures taken on Omaha Home Inspections by ASHI Certified Home Inspector, Greg Wayman

Do-It-Yourself…Done Wrong! – Gallery 2

My view on the do-it-yourself mentality:

Know your limitations. If you think you’re going to be in over your head, hire a licensed Contractor to handle the part of the job you’re not comfortable with.

I’ve seen so many scary installations of electrical wiring, plumbing, and furnaces that it’s a wonder that more people haven’t been electrocuted, died of exposure to methane gas or carbon monoxide, or burnt their house down! For laughs, go to any of the big home improvement centers on the weekend and hang out in the Electrical Department. Not one of the customers will be a licensed Electrician, yet they’re buying main panel boxes, service wires, breakers…items they have no business installing themselves!!! Did you know that you can buy a furnace over the internet and have it delivered to your doorstep?

Photo #1: “Hot” shower

Electrocution hazard with this shower using the 120 amp electric furnace as part of its surround.

This is the #1 reason why permits should be pulled during remodel jobs. Here’s an electric furnace with 120 amps running to it and the shower aimed directly at it! The shower is using the furnace as part of it’s surround.

Photo #2: B-vent out the sidewall

B-vent flue stack improperly installed and dangerous.

We’ve got a fire waiting to happen and dangerous flue gases not venting above the roof line.

Photo #3: Duct tape fixes everything!

Duct-taped furnace.

Photo #4: Broken garage door spring “FIXED”!

Broken garage door spring

Photo #5: DIY Wiring at its best!

Scary DIY wiring in this homeowner's basement.

This guy was remodeling his basement. There were splices like this everywhere. The scary part was half of the basement was already covered over with drywall;-)

Photo #6: Pure Genius!

The homeowner drywalled over the gas meter.

A true Homer moment right here;-) …and yes, you’re looking at the gas meter.

Photo #7: The Seller volunteered to show me how to access the basement…

Secret entrance to the basement.

…Thank GOD! I never would have found that access. I had all I could do to keep from laughing as he methodically removed each step and riser;-) Imagine being this homeowner and have to dismantle your steps every time you want to do laundry.

Photo #8: Shocking!

Just a little shock hazard.

This remodeling job wasn’t done, but it made for a good pic;-)

Photo #9: Trying to keep the birds out

Duct-tape used for

Photo #10: Wait for it…

Uninsulated canned light improperly installed.

Photo #11: There it is!

Warning label on the uninsulated canned light.

Photo # 12: It still leaked


Photo #13: Now that’s being cheap!

A penny used as a washer.

What’s a washer cost?

Photo #14 Duck tape fixes air conditioners too!

Duct-tape used to

…even after your male dog pees on it and acidically eats away the fins and coils. Cool, huh?!

Photo #14: Another use for firewood!

Firewood supporting the floor joists.

Photo #15: Really Einstein?

Electronic eyes aimed at each other 2

Photo #16: Duck tape fixes sewer lines!


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