21+ Years Of Inspection Services

Elizabeth W. from Omaha, NE

“I can’t say enough about how great Greg was to work with. He let my father-in-law join him for the inspection (he is a contractor from Iowa) and walked him through everything that he noticed. He did a great job advising us on what we should pay most of our attention to. Greg provided a written and video documentation of everything they looked through. It has been very handy to go back and see the “heads up” he gave us on smaller issues so that we are able to make fixes at our own pace. Our realtor tried to sway us from using Greg because he was too thorough — as a home buyer there is no such thing as too thorough. I felt really informed ad knowledgeable purchasing our home as we knew everything about it, inside and out! Thanks again for being so kind and for providing such a peace of mind!”

– Elizabeth W. from Omaha, NE