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Why You Need a Home Inspection in Elkhorn, NE

The 2 main reasons our clients get a home inspection in Elkhorn, NE is to protect their investment and for the safety of their family. For anyone Selling their home, getting ahead of any issues before you put your home on the market takes away any surprises so you can either have repairs made without the pressure from a Buyer or adjust your listing price to figure in those issues. For the Home Buyer, the inspection makes you aware of the condition of the home before you go through with the purchase. If any serious issues arise, the inspection can be your safety net to back out of the deal or attempt to negotiate those items. After you move in, the inspection report serves as a To-Do List for years to come and helps you prioritize what projects to tackle first. Spending money to fix minor issues now can save you thousands in major problems that could develop later.

What is Included in our Home Inspection?

What Do We Charge for Our Home Inspection?

We charge by the overall square feet and year built. If you contact us with that, then we can tell you the exact amount. Just beware that all Home Inspectors are not the same. There are no licensing requirements for Home Inspectors in NE or IA. Each of our experience levels are different.

What Experience Do You Have?

Greg Wayman is the President of F2R, Inc., is ASHI Certified, and Heat Exchanger Experts Certified. He has been inspecting full-time as an independent Inspector for over 19 years. He has inspected over 4,000 Residential & Commercial Properties sometimes taking on complex inspections that others can’t handle. Prior to this, he was a Fraud Investigator specializing in Workers’ Compensation.

What Are Some Real Issues Surfaced During Your Home Inspection?

There are a lot of higher-end homes in Elkhorn, NE so we’ll use one as an example here. Our Client, Chad B., was attempting to purchase a gorgeous newer 5,000+ s.f. ranch house in Elkhorn and the Home Inspection surfaced some issues to make him pause. We found structural movement from Street Creep where the street had pushed the driveway into the garage floor and out the back foundation wall. It wasn’t severe, but enough where the ½” wide crack in the foundation needed repair along with a proper expansion joint installed in the driveway to absorb any future movement. Because Greg Wayman has the professional training from Heat Exchanger Experts, he was able to find 4 cracks in the furnace’s heat exchanger. This, of course, was a carbon monoxide threat that nobody was aware of. We also found over fusing in the newer main panel which was a fire hazard. Finding these issues protected our client & his family allowing him to go forward with the purchase.

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