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Street Creep - Driveway Issues (Omaha Home Inspection)
Foundation/Structural Inspection

Street Creep – Driveway Concrete Issues

Ever wonder how a driveway can push a house? This article explains what street creep is, how to detect it, and how to prevent it. What Is Street Creep? As a home inspector, I find evidence of street creep about 3-4 times a month on newer and existing homes. This

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Street Creep - Concrete Driveway Issues (Omaha Home Inspection)
Foundation/Structural Inspection

Street Creep and Your Foundation

Street Creep: The Perfect Location Here’s an instance of Street Creep. This high-end home sat at the bottom of a street on a circle. The expansion joints on the driveway were tight. As the street expanded and moved a little down hill, the driveway was pushed into the garage floor,

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2019-11-25 Driveways- Concrete Flatwork Issues (Omaha Home Inspection)
Foundation/Structural Inspection

Foundation damage from Street Creep

Concrete Block Foundation Pushed by Street Creep Where do you look for Street Creep? This house had all of the signs. The expansion joints in the driveway were tight, the stone veneer around the garage door was pushed in on both sides, the back corners of the garage foundation were

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Greg Wayman

President & ASHI Certified Inspector

Greg Wayman is the President and ASHI Certified Inspector of Foundation-2-Rooftop, Inc. As a full-time inspector for over 19 years, he has conducted over 4,000 full home inspections.
Greg is Heat Exchanger Experts Certified and has his NE Radon Measurement License. View more.

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