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Home Inspections for Buyers & Sellers in Gretna, NE

For the past 2 decades, we’ve been performing Home Inspections in Gretna, NE. Whether you are a Buyer hiring us to find any major or safety issues before proceeding with the purchase or a Seller trying to put your best foot forward by addressing any issues before you go live with the listing, a Home Inspection is there to protect you. We inspect new construction, existing homes, and commercial properties. If you want a radon test, we can do that also.

Pre-Inspection by Competitor Missed Approximately $150,000 of Issues

I had the pleasure of inspecting a $1,000,000 property in Gretna, NE 2 weeks ago for Chris C. The house was over the top. The Listing Agent had pressured my client into not getting the Home Inspection because it had already been pre-inspected and it had checked out clean. With this much money on the line, my client didn’t trust the other report because it was a conflict of interest and the inspection was not done for my client. He insisted on hiring his own Home Inspector to protect his best interest.

Inspecting a Concrete Tile Roof

The massive house had a concrete tile roof. Concrete tile or clay tile roofs require a beefed-up roof structure to be able to carry the extra 700 lbs – 1000 lbs per square (10’x10’ area.) As I placed my 24’ ladder around the roof edge and eyed up the roof line, I could see slight sagging of the roof deck. When I got up in the attic, I was expecting to find 2×10 or 2×12 rafters spaced 16” on center to carry all of that serious weight. Instead, I found only 2×6 rafters spaced 16” on center. In my opinion, this roof structure was not designed to carry this heavy load. Imagine a 2’-3’ heavy snow on top of that! I recommended a licensed Structural Engineer to review the roof structure and determine if it was adequate or needed correction. The other Inspector never mentioned anything with the roof.

Deck Inspection Finds Structural Issues

That same home had an Engineered Plastic Lumber deck. The deck noticeably sagged. Looking underneath, the posts were rotted and a joist had started to separate and settle. Engineered plastic lumber needs 16” on center joist spacing for proper support. This deck had 24” on center spacing. To correct this, either additional joists needed to be installed or the plastic lumber needed to be replaced with Cedar or Treated lumber deck boards. The other inspector found the rotted post, but never mentioned the deck sagging or the joist spacing.

Hail Storm Caused Significant Damage to Windows

When aluminum clad wood windows are dented from hail, an air pocket forms between the wood and the aluminum cladding. The aluminum cladding is no longer water tight and causes the wood to rot. During a hail claim, if the aluminum cladding is dented, the entire window is to be replaced. On this grand home, there were 28 window panes with numerous hail dents. Not a single one was found by the previous Inspector.

Pre-Inspection Report By Competitor vs Our Custom Detailed Inspection Report

My report ended up being 50 pages to accurately document all of the issues including photos. The sub-par pre-inspection literally had an ‘X’ put on the page indicating the Inspector had inspected the roof, another ‘X’ in the attic indicating he inspected that, 1 photo of a rotted post, but no mention of the other structural issues with the deck, and an ‘X’ indicating he inspected the windows, but no mention of any of the hail damage. In my estimate, he ended up missing approximately $150,000 worth of issues! 

What this comes down to is we protect our clients by performing a thorough home inspection bringing to light any issues so they can make an educated decision whether they are buying or selling a home.

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