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Gallery – How To Frustrate A Home Inspector

Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to do my job???

How To Frustrate A Home Inspector – Gallery 9

We love obstacles and having our time wasted!

Photo #1: Install shelving that a person can’t physically fit through, then load the shelves with small items so it takes forever to remove and put all back!!!

Attic access converted to a pantry with shelving loaded.

Photo #2: Where the Hell is the Water Main??? It took the entire inspection to find it, but I finally found it above the drop ceiling recessed back in behind the original drywall.

Water main was hidden above the drop ceiling recessed back into the drywall.

Photo #3: Install a weight lifting station right up against the wall blocking the main electric panel!

Main electric panel blocked by home gym.

Photo #4: Vomit all over the toilet. This Seller simply didn’t care. The Buyer gagged at the walk-thru.

The smell coming out of this toilet was enough to make you step back. Still had to inspect the bathroom though. YAAH!

Photo #5: Nice built-in bed in a basement bedroom. WHY? See Photo 6.

This bed looked great. Buyer sees it as a bedroom that they don't have to buy a bed for. Unbelievable, the extreme the owner went through to cover this grate up.

Photo #6: Bed was covering up a huge floor grate with a floor drain in it…and a whole bunch of mold on the drywall, underside of the bed, and matress! I still don’t understand why they went through this extreme to install a grate & build a bed over it to cover it up instead of simply correcting the grading on the outside.

Garage style floor grate hidden under the built-in bed.

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