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Furnace Safety Inspection: Cracked Heat Exchanger
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Furnace Safety Inspections

Furnace Safety: Red Flags By: Greg Wayman, ASHI Certified Inspector Furnace Safety: The most important aspect of a home inspection is bringing to light major issues and safety hazards.  When I find a cracked heat exchanger on a furnace, I’m surfacing a high-dollar problem and a major safety concern of

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How to Inspect GeoThermal Heat Pumps

GeoThermal Heat Pumps By Greg R. Wayman, ASHI Certified Inspector How GeoThermal Heat Pumps took off in the US: The 1970’s, there was a gas shortage.  To answer the public’s outcry for less dependence on foreign oil, solar power was introduced into the residential market.  In colder climates, homes were

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