21+ Years Of Inspection Services

Kyle F. from Omaha, NE

“110 year old 4,000+ square foot Victorian House – The home inspection was a big concern of mine based upon the age and size of this house. I can’t rave enough about Chad’s competency. In addition to Chad’s home inspection, I brought in a Master Electrician (normally you hire a journeyman), Carpenter, and BDB Foundations. My husband is a Civil Engineer. They agreed with everything Chad said and also found nothing additional. A house this age will have issues and you know that going in. Chad left us feeling confident this house was safe, not a money pit, and gave us a plan for what repairs to expect in the foreseeable future.

A major positive to mention is Chad’s abilities to get along with the sellers. He spent several hours with the current owners. We had a very hard negotiation that fell thru multiple times. These sellers liked Chad as well, which helps when you try to negotiate a repair.

I’ve hired home inspectors on two prior purchases – both real estate agent referrals. My previous opinion was they are worthless, know nothing about construction, and are as educated as anyone who took a 30 hour OSHA Class online. Chad you have changed my mind! I was just hiring the wrong people.”

– Kylie F. from Omaha, NE