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2019-01-07 Chimneys (Omaha Home Inspection)

Leaning brick chimney on a house we inspected in Omaha 1/7/19

Lean, baby, lean. This tall brick chimney is not supported above the roof line. Over time, the mortar joints couldn’t hold it. This is a serious risk of it collapsing through the roof right into the living room below. Also, if someone were to have a fire in the wood burning fireplace, that clay-tile liner is definitely breached right at the roof line. Those hot flue gases could easily make their way into the home or catch the house on fire. For a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep to repair this, they will have to tear the chimney down below the roof line to where it’s still stable and rebuild it. This could be approximately a $10,000.00 job!