21+ Years Of Inspection Services

Lorenzo S. – Omaha, NE

“Here is the deal. If you are a home buyer, you want a home inspector who is not only competent, but that works for you and only for you. In my experience, you should never hire an inspector recommended by a realtor, neither yours nor the seller’s. Here is where Foundation-2-Rooftop comes into play. These guys work for you, period. They are extremely knowledgeable and competent. They dissect the house, literally from foundation to rooftop and give you a full account of everything that is less than perfect. Realtors often don’t like them because they are so thorough and report absolutely everything they find, even if minor and some buyers are then put off buying the property. In addition, once something is discovered, it is illegal to not disclose it to other potential buyers. Unfortunately many realtors are in the business of closing the sale no matter what, rather than represent your interests. They are in many ways glorified sales people. That’s why you need people like Foundation-2-Rooftop to look after your interests. I worked with them on 3 different properties and I could not be happier, especially after bad experience I had with inspectors that had been recommended by my realtor before, who conveniently failed to identify major plumbing issues that caused my basement to flood within days from moving into the house. Greg from Foundation-2-Rooftop, to the contrary, really went above and beyond and looked into every single details of the properties I was looking at, tested everything and gave me a very thorough report with photos, test results and even videos. We then had walk through the properties so that he could explain everything he did and what he found. He also specifically told me what he considered issues I should be worried about and what were minor issues or easy fixes. This helped me greatly with avoiding properties that would have cost me thousands to fix and also to negotiate better deals when I ended up buying. So, here is my recommendation: hire these guys. If your realtor asks to change and makes it a deal breaker to use a different inspector (as it also happened to me), change the realtor because it means he/she is not working in your best interest. These guys are in my experience the best around.”

– From Lorenzo S. – Omaha, NE