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Gallery – Mold Houses in Omaha Found by Greg Wayman, ASHI Certified Inspector

Mold houses in Omaha, Nebraska are no laughing matter

A little mold…Yeah RIGHT! – Gallery 7

When mold growth is this bad in a home, there’s absolutely no point in testing for mold. You know the mold is real bad. Don’t waste your money testing for what you can already see. Instead, put your money into paying for having the home remediated for mold…if you are still considering going through with the purchase.

Photo #1: This house is in Bellevue, Nebraska

You’re looking at mold flourishing on the basement walls.

Photo #2: More mold…same house

This is a pic of the vaulted ceiling. It really pays to keep the utilities on so the A/C can dehumidify the air. It also had poor attic ventilation being the exhaust vents were smashed down trapping the moisture.

Photo #3: This home was in LaVista, NE

Mold was all over the doors…

Photo #4: It was growing like carpet on the wood trim

Photo #5: The handrail was flourishing and made you think twice about grabbing onto it.

Photo #6: The attic had its problems too

It was all over the rafters…

Photo #7: …and all over the roof deck

The entire home needed to be remediated for mold.

Photo #8: This home is located in Nebraska City, NE

I personally thought it needed to be dozed in.

Photo #9: Great closeup from the same house

Photo #10: …and one more just before you eat your lunch. Enjoy your salad;-)

There have been so many houses heavy with mold this year that I’m no longer laughing. Bank owned properties, FHA foreclosures, and HUD homes are sitting vacant with the A/C off, usually some form of water penetration at the foundation with all of the water we received this Spring and Summer from poor grading or gutters clogged with leaves, and the moisture just sits there and festers all of this mold growth. The value of these properties are nose-diving, which in turn is pulling down the appraisal values of the neighboring homes.

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