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New Construction Inspection - Cut Engineered I-Joist

New Construction Inspection – Engineered I-Joist Cut in Half

New Construction Inspection Reveals Engineered I-Joist Cut in Half under Master Bathroom Toilet

New Construction Inspection: Why was the unfinished utility room ceiling covered in drywall pieces? At first, I thought the Code requirements must have changed and this was a new trend I would start seeing on my new construction inspections. As I was trying determine if the home had Engineered Floor Trusses or Engineered I-joists, I was peering up through the gaps in the drywall pieces that painstakingly went around every protruding water line, waste line, and duct run…I found a small piece of drywall held in by 2 screws. Curiosity got the best of me. This Builder had installed the Master Bathroom toilet directly over an Engineered I-Joist. They cut 100% through the joist to run the waste line. There were no joist hangers supporting up the cut I-joist to tie it into the nearby I-joists. They didn’t bother to install a 2nd I-joist nearby to help carry the weight. Instead, they took 2 tiny 2×3’s and toe-nailed the top & bottom cords together. Not a proper repair to carry the dead & live loads of the master bathroom above! Here’s another example of why you need to have a Home Inspection on your New Construction!