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Insulation missing in attic on New Construction Inspection in Bellevue, NE

New Construction Inspection Reveals No Insulation In Attic

Insulation missing in new construction inspection
Insulation missing over entire living room, kitchen, and dining room on new construction inspection in Gretna, NE
Insulation missing in same house…explains why the furnace was running so much
Insulation Contractor hasn’t shown up yet to blow in the insulation with the Final Walk-Through a few days away.

The look on the Builder’s face when they asked me how the inspection was going and I casually asked them if they have the Insulation Contractor on the schedule to show up. The Home Inspection on this instance served as a good checks-n-balances so hopefully my client moves into their new home with insulation. I did have a home last year that my client was the original Homeowner and the Builder never insulated over an entire large attic area. When I did the inspection, they had lived in the house for 20 years! Can you imagine the thousands and thousands of dollars lost over the years in heating bills for them?!

Insulation missing in New Construction Inspection in Bellevue, NE.
This was the 2nd New Construction house with no insulation days before closing in 2 months that I found.