21+ Years Of Inspection Services

Why You Need A Home Inspection On New Homes:

As your ASHI Certified Home Inspector, I am a trained fresh set of eyes thoroughly and methodically inspecting your new home. I’m hired to provide an unbiased objective opinion as to the condition of the home. I’m not a salesperson and do not care if you buy the home. On average, I ‘m on-site 4-5 hours depending on the size of the home. When you are spending ‘X’ amount of dollars on a new home, the cost of a professional home inspection is pennies. You won’t find a more sound investment!

Finding A Good Builder:

The sign of a good Builder is one who is honest, has a strong base of quality sub-contractors on the job, has good quality control, and stands behind their product after the closing. Talk to neighbors that have lived in one of the Builder’s homes for 6 months or more. They’ll tell you everything…especially if they’re not pleased with the Builder. In this building frenzy we’ve been in lately, the quality control of a lot of Builders is going down the drain. It has become more common for us to find major issues on new construction, then on existing homes.

City/County Code Inspections:

Just because the Builder has been issued the Certificate of Occupancy for the new home doesn’t mean all of the major issues have been found and corrected. All it means is the City or County has conducted their phase inspections (Rough-In Electrical, Rough-In Plumbing, Final Electrical, Final Plumbing, Mechanical, etc) If they found any issues, they red-tagged them, and returned to pass the house if the issues were taken care of to their approval. Each time, the Code Inspector was on-site for those items only and for a minimal amount of time. They did not inspect the entire home. Each Code Enforcement Officer’s training is different. Some have years of experience, some are brand new. Some care, some just collect a paycheck. Some situations are out of their control and are political. Code Enforcement serves a good purpose, but a Home Inspection by an experienced Home Inspector is well worth the investment.