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August 2010

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Cool Green Technology On The Market

A heat pump that doesn’t need a backup heating system

In Bangor, Maine, Hallowell has engineered an air source heat pump that will heat your home down to -32 degrees F!!! Comparing that to the highest high-efficiency natural gas furnace made today at 97% efficiency, the Acadia operates at 200%-400% efficiency!!!

(Unfortunately, I found out in 2017 that the company went out of business. To-date, the technology has not been re-introduced. There were too many technical problems. To read a more detailed account go here: History of Hallowell.)

Heat pump water heaters

Want to reduce your family’s dependence on natural gas or propane? Heat your potable water with a heat pump. They make units that mount to your existing water heater or you can buy one with a heat pump already attached if your old one conks out. These units are best installed in unfinished basements as they will help cool the surrounding area during the hot summer months and will slightly raise your heating bill in the winter. One manufacturer that I was impressed the most by was Air Tap. Visit their website at: www.airgenerate.com

Furnace that heats your home with renewable fuels

Nebraska and Iowa produce corn in abundance. Why not heat your home with it?…or rye, wheat, wood pellets? St. Croix, a Nebraska manufacturer, of The “Revolution” can produce up to 60,000 BTU’s/hr. Tie it into your existing duct work and enjoy the warmth this winter at a fraction of the cost of propane or about the same as natural gas. Support a Nebraska based business at: www.stcroixstoves.com/furnaces.php

Solar hot water with freeze proof vacuum tubes

Newer design vacuum tubes optimize the ability to capture heat no matter where the sun is in the sky. These systems are being installed all over Canada, China, and parts of the US. They can withstand frontal impact of hail up to a quarter in diameter. Their website is: www.freefuelforever.com

Roof mount wind turbine that produces electricity down to 2 mph

Most of us think of the massive wind mills we see along I-80, but there are small residential and commercial sized wind turbines that can provide a significant amount of your electrical needs. WindTronic’s Honeywell Gearless Wind Turbine is a roof mount or pole mount that draws energy from the blade tips rather than the center hub. At 6′ in diameter and 170 lbs, one turbine can produce 18% of your home’s electrical needs. It produces electricity with wind speeds of 2 mph to 42 mph! Check them out at: www.energyyoufeel.com

President & ASHI Certified Inspector of Omaha Home Inspection, Greg Wayman