21+ Years Of Inspection Services

Home Inspections for Buyers & Sellers in Papillion, NE

We’ve been performing Home Inspections in Papillion, NE for the past 2 decades. A majority of our clients are hiring us up front before they purchase their home to ensure they are making a sound investment. They want to know if there are any major issues that will cost them thousands in repairs. They want to make sure their families will be safe from any hazards ranging from electrical to carbon monoxide poisoning to deck failures. In addition to protecting our clients, our detailed reports provide our clients with a To-Do List of repairs & maintenance items that they can refer to for years to come. This report helps them properly maintain their home and reduce having major expenses in the future.

Roof Inspections After a Hail Claim Replaces the Roof

We’ve also been able to help Homeowners make sound decisions on choosing the right Contractors to do repair work and then to inspect that work upon completion before the Contractor is paid the final amount. A few years back, John & Linda E., who reside in Papillion, had a hail storm and had hired a Roofing Contractor to replace their roof. Before they paid the Roofer in full, they hired us to inspect the newly installed roof. Greg found that the roofing crew had over driven the nails when installing the shingles which voided the manufacturer’s warranty and put their new roof covering at risk of being blown off during high winds. He met the Roofing Contractor back at the house and they lifted about 10 sample shingles on both sides of the roof to further prove what he had found. The end result was the Roofing Company admitted the entire roof covering needed to be torn off and reinstalled. After they put the 2nd roof covering on, Greg returned and inspected their work. This time, it was done right and the Roofing Contractor was paid.

Deck Inspections to Hire the Right Contractor

This week, they hired us again for professional advice on various Contractors they had visit their home and given them bids on various jobs. They had 2 different Contractors give almost the exact opposite advise on their deck. 1 Contractor wanted to tear it down entirely and build a new one for over $25,000. The 2nd Contractor wanted to repair the areas that needed it, but thought the deck had another 10-15 years of life left. Upon looking at it, the 1st Contractor was lying through his teeth trying to make a sale. He had stuck a knife into the wood in an attempt to “show” the clients that the wood was rotting…when a knife will stick into even new lumber. The deck’s structure was solid and still in really good condition. Not a single joist was rotted! The 2nd Contractor got the job. He was the ethical one.

Expert Advice on a Retaining Wall

The next item they had us review was the large paver retaining wall that was leaning. They had the original Contractor who installed it and another Contractor give bids to fix it. The job entailed tearing down the entire wall and building it back. They were leaning towards hiring the original Contractor, but after finding out that he hadn’t installed GeoMesh the 1st time around and didn’t even suggest it again for building it a 2nd time, they were having second thoughts. GeoMesh is used to hold back the soil which most likely would have prevented the wall from leaning in the first place. This was a $7,000-$10,000 job. The 2nd Contractor did suggest the GeoMesh which would have been my choice. They definitely don’t need to be having to rebuild this same wall a 3rd time in another 10 years!

Home Maintenance & Finding Water Leaks

To round off the inspection visit, they had 2 leaking windows and Greg was able to help them identify where the leaks were most likely coming from and how to correct them.

In the end, the minor inspection fees charged for professional advice guided them to make the right decisions resulting in saving them future headaches down the road.

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