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Basement Water Damage (Omaha Home Inspection)

Raw sewage potentially backing up into a newly finished basement was diverted

Major water/raw sewage damage averted!!! This was a flipped home in Omaha. My client was buying the home to move into. It sat vacant…luckily! They had a lift pump in the basement that was used for the sink and toilet of the basement 1/2 bath to raise the gray water and sewage up to properly discharge out the main waste stack mid-way up the foundation wall that ran out the sewer line. Somewhere during the renovations, the power to the outlet was disconnected. The breakers were all on and this outlet wasn’t connected to a tripped GFCI outlet. If someone had flushed the toilet more than a few times or ran the sink, water or raw sewage would have filled up the pit and had no place to go, except overflow into the newly finished basement. Small issue to correct, but that could have been very expensive had my client moved in and started using the bathroom.