21+ Years Of Inspection Services

Satya C. – Omaha, NE

“I am a first-time home buyer with no clue what I am getting into it, I had Greg to inspect a home against my agent’s recommendations prior to buying the home even though I was given the home inspection reports by the re-location company that is selling the house. In the re-location company’s inspection everything looked fantastic. But Greg did an amazing job with his professional inspection and educating throughout the inspection and he found numerous issues that might affect the structure of the house in the long run if proper measures are not taken. None of the issues mentioned in the reports provided by the seller side inspection report. Greg’s professional work and ethics provided me the choice to negotiate on fixing those issues or walk away. His advice – ‘do not make emotional decision on home purchase stuck with me’. Thank you Greg.”

– From Satya C. – Omaha, NE