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2020-09-30 Commercial Property Inspections (Omaha Home Inspection)

Some of our Commercial Inspections for 2020

This has been a unique year for inspections! I’ve had the pleasure of inspecting some really cool commercial properties for my clients. These are just some of the latest I’ve done. There was a newer 4-bay commercial use building in Gretna, a 4-plex from the 1950’s in Omaha with a very expensive plastic tile roof, a 4-plex from the 50’s in Lincoln, a 1990’s monster home in Gretna with 11 bedrooms/12 bathrooms & a brand new wedding reception outbuilding, the massive UNO Thompson Alumni Center in Omaha that was originally built in the 1900’s with a grand-scale 1990’s addition plus ballrooms added in the 2000’s, and a 10-plex apartment building in Benson from the 1960’s.

Each commercial inspection posed its own unique challenges from using my 30′ ladder to gain roof access to working through a hoarder’s apt to enduring long hours inspecting 30+ electric panels & sub-panels to wearing a mask in heavy cigarette smoke damaged apartments.